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In order to provide Mastiff Message Board readers specific breed historical information I decided on Jan 13th last to build my own website . The backbone of my website is my private book ‘The Mastiff Revisited’ used as a source for displaying the backgrounds of our breed into the broad socio-cultural spectrum of Great Britain’ heritage .


Disclaimer – I don’t have any problem if readers here wish to advise me in regards to the content &/or lay-out of my website

Mastiff History Website since 13th January 2013

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Thank you for sharing the results of your labors, Marcel.  I appreciate it a great deal.
__________________ (site is down for a redo -- if you need me, drop me a note)

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*The Douglas painting has not been validated as being done by Douglas.

It sold this past Sat. at Sotheby's and being the underbidder, I am familiar with the piece.

The piece is attributed to Douglas and was the main reason I did not pursue the purchase beyond what I considered intrinsic value.

For the betterment of the breed

"Above all, a uniform type should be aimed at by breeders and uniformity of type can only exist in a proportionate ratio in the purity and distinctiveness in any breed"!.........M. Moore
"If breeds did not adhere to a specific shape, form, and colour range, or if breeders disregarded this blueprint, the breed would degenerate to the point that it would hardly resemble the breed at all. Selective breeding does not just create breeds- it preserves them as well." Breeding purebred dogs inherently means accepting limitations on your freedom to just breed anything...Catherine McMillan
" A reinforced consolidation of the American and British standards could be the basis for restoring our breed to the gladiatorial glory of its ancient past, in capability if not in usage".....Norman Howard Carp-Gordon
"I can live with doubt, or not knowing, rather than to have answers that might be wrong"...Richard Feynman
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